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gnu::crypto::sasl::InputBuffer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The implementation of an incoming SASL buffer.

The data elements this class caters for are described in [1].


  1. Secure Remote Password Authentication Mechanism;
    Keith Burdis and Raïf S. Naffah.


Definition at line 68 of file InputBuffer.java.

Public Member Functions

byte[] getEOS () throws IOException
BigInteger getMPI () throws IOException
byte[] getOS () throws IOException
long getScalar (int count) throws IOException
String getText () throws IOException
boolean hasMoreElements ()
 InputBuffer (byte[] frame) throws SaslEncodingException

Static Public Member Functions

static InputBuffer getInstance (byte[] raw, int offset, int len)
static InputBuffer getInstance (byte[] raw)
static int twoBytesToLength (byte[] b) throws SaslEncodingException

Protected Attributes

ByteArrayInputStream in
int length

Private Member Functions

 InputBuffer ()

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