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static synchronized SRP gnu::crypto::sasl::srp::SRP::instance ( String  mdName  )  [inline, static]

Returns an instance of this object that uses the designated message digest algorithm as its digest function.

an instance of this object for the designated digest name.

Definition at line 93 of file SRP.java.

References algorithms, mda, and SRP().

      if (mdName != null) {
         mdName = mdName.trim().toLowerCase();
      if (mdName == null || mdName.equals("")) {
         mdName = SRPRegistry.SRP_DEFAULT_DIGEST_NAME;
      SRP result = (SRP) algorithms.get(mdName);
      if (result == null) {
         final IMessageDigest mda = HashFactory.getInstance(mdName);
         result = new SRP(mda);
         algorithms.put(mdName, result);
      return result;

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