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gnu::crypto::cipher::IBlockCipher Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for gnu::crypto::cipher::IBlockCipher:

gnu::crypto::cipher::BaseCipher gnu::crypto::mode::IMode gnu::crypto::cipher::Anubis gnu::crypto::cipher::Blowfish gnu::crypto::cipher::Blowfish gnu::crypto::cipher::Cast5 gnu::crypto::cipher::DES gnu::crypto::cipher::Khazad gnu::crypto::cipher::Khazad gnu::crypto::cipher::NullCipher gnu::crypto::cipher::Rijndael gnu::crypto::cipher::Rijndael gnu::crypto::cipher::Serpent gnu::crypto::cipher::Square gnu::crypto::cipher::Square gnu::crypto::cipher::TripleDES gnu::crypto::cipher::Twofish gnu::crypto::mode::BaseMode

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Detailed Description

The basic visible methods of any symmetric key block cipher.

A symmetric key block cipher is a function that maps n-bit plaintext blocks to n-bit ciphertext blocks; n being the cipher's block size. This encryption function is parameterised by a k-bit key, and is invertible. Its inverse is the decryption function.

Possible initialisation values for an instance of this type are:

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: Although all the concrete classes in this package implement the Cloneable interface, it is important to note here that such an operation DOES NOT clone any session key material that may have been used in initialising the source cipher (the instance to be cloned). Instead a clone of an already initialised cipher is another instance that operates with the same block size but without any knowledge of neither key material nor key size.


Definition at line 84 of file IBlockCipher.java.

Public Member Functions

Iterator blockSizes ()
Object clone ()
int currentBlockSize () throws IllegalStateException
void decryptBlock (byte[] in, int inOffset, byte[] out, int outOffset) throws IllegalStateException
int defaultBlockSize ()
int defaultKeySize ()
void encryptBlock (byte[] in, int inOffset, byte[] out, int outOffset) throws IllegalStateException
void init (Map attributes) throws InvalidKeyException, IllegalStateException
Iterator keySizes ()
String name ()
void reset ()
boolean selfTest ()

Public Attributes

String KEY_MATERIAL = "gnu.crypto.cipher.key.material"

Package Attributes

String CIPHER_BLOCK_SIZE = "gnu.crypto.cipher.block.size"

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