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gnu::crypto::hash::IMessageDigest Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for gnu::crypto::hash::IMessageDigest:

gnu::crypto::hash::BaseHash gnu::crypto::hash::Haval gnu::crypto::hash::MD2 gnu::crypto::hash::MD4 gnu::crypto::hash::MD5 gnu::crypto::hash::RipeMD128 gnu::crypto::hash::RipeMD128 gnu::crypto::hash::RipeMD160 gnu::crypto::hash::RipeMD160 gnu::crypto::hash::Sha160 gnu::crypto::hash::Sha160 gnu::crypto::hash::Sha256 gnu::crypto::hash::Sha384 gnu::crypto::hash::Sha512 gnu::crypto::hash::Tiger gnu::crypto::hash::Whirlpool gnu::crypto::hash::Whirlpool

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Detailed Description

The basic visible methods of any hash algorithm.

A hash (or message digest) algorithm produces its output by iterating a basic compression function on blocks of data.


Definition at line 54 of file IMessageDigest.java.

Public Member Functions

int blockSize ()
Object clone ()
byte[] digest ()
int hashSize ()
void reset ()
boolean selfTest ()
void update (byte[] in, int offset, int length)
void update (byte b)

Package Functions

String name ()

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