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/* DifferentPoliciesTest3_1.java
   Copyright (C) 2004  Free Software Foundation, Inc.

   Distributed under the GPL; see the file `COPYING' */

// Tags: PKITS

package gnu.testlet.gnu.crypto.pki.pkits;

import java.security.cert.PKIXParameters;

public class DifferentPoliciesTest3_1 extends BaseValidTest
  public DifferentPoliciesTest3_1()
    super (new String[] { "data/certs/DifferentPoliciesTest3EE.crt",
                          "data/certs/GoodCACert.crt" },
           new String[] { "data/crls/PoliciesP2subCACRL.crl",
                          "data/crls/GoodCACRL.crl" });

  protected void setupAdditionalParams (PKIXParameters params)

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